Products Liability Litigation:

Foodmaker v. Vons, et al. – Successfully defended a Beef Supplier in this complex commercial litigation action arising out of the outbreak of food borne illnesses caused by the consumption of hamburger patties containing E. coli at Jack-in-the-Box restaurants.

In re Latex Glove Litigation – Represented a manufacture of latex gloves in this multi-state and federal products liability class action case arising out of personal injuries sustained from the protein powder used in the manufacture of latex gloves for the medical community.

DeKeyser v. Reynolds Foil, Inc., The Vons Companies, et al. – Represented the plaintiff in a products liability action against Reynolds Foil for the alleged defective manufacture of a Reynolds Cut-Rite wax paper dispenser container that severely lacerated plaintiff’s thumb.

Construction Defect Cases:

First Kitchens v. David I. Houck – Received a defense verdict in a jury trial on behalf of a homeowner in a collection action based upon the manufacture of defective and substandard sequence matched custom cabinets.

Confidential. v. Robert A. Kotick – Complex construction dispute that included allegations involving delays, mismanagement and budget overruns associated with a large single family residence in Beverly Hills, California.

Ernest Thesman v. Larry Falkin, et al. – Represented a homeowner in a case involving the defective re-plating in 24k gold of high end door hardware that resulting in the successful settlement of the litigation for $250,000.

Fred Sands v. Confidential, et al. – This was a large construction defect action involving a 10,000 square foot custom single family residence in Bel Air that included numerous subcontracts and years of litigation and months of mediation before it was resolved.

Confidential. v. Jennifer Lopez – This construction defect action arose out of allegations of delays and mismanagement in connection with the extensive remodel of a large custom home in Beverly Hills.

John Getty v. Confidential., et al. – Complex multiparty construction defect again in which I represented the general contractor.

St. John’s Medical Center v. Lincoln Electric Co., et al. – Represented a structural engineer in a complex construction defect action arising out of the failure of steel moment frame connections in a Santa Monica medical office building following the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Indigo HOA Construction Defect Matter – Acted as a consultant to a 52 unit HOA in Marina del Rey, California in connection with construction defects associated with the condominium complex built by John Laing Homes.

Adwani v. MWH Development Corporation, et. al. – Represented a homeowner in a large single family residence construction defect action against the builder, MWH development. the complaint included causes of action for negligence, breach of contract, strict liability and breach of implied warranty. We also filed suit against the surety company of the developer on its surety bond.

Insurance Bad Faith Actions:

Confidential v. Zurich Insurance Company, et al. – Large Federal Court bad faith action against numerous insurance carriers arising out of allegations of a failure to properly defend a general contractor named as an additional insured under the policies of various subcontractors. Was successful in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars from the defendant carriers necessary to reimburse the general contractor for money paid over the limits of its primary insurance policy in the underlying construction defect case.

Confidential. v. Navigators Insurance Company, et al. – Represented a general contractor in a complex insurance bad faith action that was removed to Federal Court and involved the alleged failure to defend a construction defect action filed by Jennifer Lopez for property damage that was purportedly not covered due to the work product exclusion and the timing of the cause of the damage. Responsible for achieving a successful settlement of the action.

Inverse Condemnation, Nuisance & Trespass Litigation:

Nisenbaum v. City of Santa Clarita, et al. – Filed a lawsuit against the City of Santa Clarita, Homeowners Association and adjoining landowner for inverse condemnation, removal of later support, breach of contract and nuisance arising out of damage to a single family residence from construction work and improper maintenance on the adjoining property.

Weber v. County of Madera, et al. – Represented a homeowner of a North Fork, California property in a Madera County Superior Court action for negligence, inverse condemnation, nuisance and trespass against the County of Madera, Mono Rancheria Indian Tribe and KH Construction arising out of a development on tribal land that unreasonably resulted in an increased flow of rain or storm water on plaintiff’s property and resulting damage.

Personal Injury Cases:

Swanson v. Hyatt Corporation – Premises liability lawsuit against the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells, California arising out of the decision of the hotel to locate a lunch table at the top of a set of stairs in which the plaintiff fell and sustained serious injuries.

ADP TotalSource, Inc., et al. v. Continental Fleet Paint & Body, Inc., et al. – Defended a truck repair shop in Santa Monica California that was wrongfully accused of negligently adjusting or repairing the brakes on a Ford pump truck that crashed resulting in the driver allegedly sustaining permanent brain damage.

Racial & Gender Discrimination Case:

Wilson v. Uniwell Corp. – Received a defense verdict in this racial and gender discrimination action in Superior Court in Orange County, California.

Attorney Fee Dispute:

Bergman & Dacey, Inc. v. Confidential – Defended a general contractor in a case involving a dispute over attorney fees invoiced for representing the contractor in previous litigation matters.

Unlawful Detainer Action:

Bernard van Bilderbeek v. Jeffry Cohn – Successfully represented a landlord in the eviction of a holdover tenant in an unlawful detainer action in Santa Monica.