Mass | Montes LLP believes that a proper system of justice is absolutely vital to the stability and growth of developing countries. Without a reliable judiciary to implement the rule of law, social and political progress in the developing world is unsustainable. Individuals and businesses alike must feel secure in knowing that an accessible and fair system of justice exits to redress grievances.

Developing countries are often the welcome recipients of aid and investment from governments and organizations in the developed world. These contributions are typically directed to essential humanitarian needs and basic health, education and agricultural assistance. However, the great benefits of this assistance are often short lived in the absence of the establishment of fundamental laws and a simple system of justice.

Law and order go hand in hand. All successful democracies have in common well established criminal and civil codes and an independent judiciary largely devoid of corruption. This encourages foreign and domestic investment and provides essential accountability that societies need in with to function. In other words, the people of any society must know that criminals will prosecuted, human rights will be protected, and civil disputes, such as breach of contract and negligence claims, will have a credible forum in which to be heard. We can eliminate deadly deceases and feed and clothe the poor, but long term prosperity will only come once a system of justice is firmly in place.

That is why Mass | Montes LLP is dedicated to providing charitable and non-profit organizations with advice and consultation on helping developing countries to create fair and impartial judicial systems. We do this in collaboration with the generous humanitarian and social contributions these organizations make to those in need around the world. Our focus is on helping to facilitate a system of justice to emerging democracies in need that is based primarily upon the American model.


If you are interested in these services or want to learn more, please contact Christopher L. Mass, Esq. at 310.651.9955.