At Mass | Montes LLP we take completion to a different level!

Our Sports Law practice applies our strong advocacy skills and in-depth knowledge of sports to the representation of exceptional athletes on the field of play and beyond. We work with athletes to develop effective strategies to achieve lucrative contracts with a wide spectrum of sports franchises, including baseball, football, basketball and soccer.

However, our practice does not stop at contract negotiation. We focus on the entire athlete; from marketing an athlete off the field to long term financial planning for wealth preservation off the field. Our goal is to maximize the income of the athlete during their careers and generate long term financial security for when their playing days are over.

Therefore, let Mass | Montes LLP represent your best interests off the field so you can do what you do best on the field.

For more information about our Sports Law practice or to arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers, please contact Christopher L. Mass, Esq. at 310.651.9955.